How Does Solar Generator Work?

Solar and Real Estate

The real estate market is increasingly embracing solar energy, making it critical for real estate agents, appraisers, and homeowners to increase their solar knowledge and leverage the subsidy-boosting power of a solar system when selling or refinancing their homes. Solar energy has been demonstrated to raise property valuations and reduce a home’s time on the …

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What’s the best solar generator in Lagos

There are important factors to think about when deciding whether to buy a solar generator and portable Solarity 10.0 that will guide your decision. Your home and company can undoubtedly be powered by a solar generator! In fact, individuals are now opting to use solar generators in order to cut down on the high expense …

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There is need for enlightenment campaign on dangers of generator fumes  A widow and her three children in the Ikorodu area of Lagos lost their lives in a rather cheap manner recently. With no power supply from the electricity company serving their area, the family turned on the generator in one of the rooms in …


Making Your Home More Self-Sufficient

Becoming more self-sufficient entails giving the environment a break. By being self-sufficient, you decrease your dependence on the environment, by using the earth’s natural resources to create your own sustainability. Originally humankind lived for centuries by being self-sufficient, now we depend negatively on the earth’s resources, causing an imbalance and a negative impact on the …

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