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Do Solar Inverter Need Maintenance?


Most inverters have a cooling fan, such as the Sunking solar fan, which can run for 8 to 12 hours. You should probably clean out the dust once a year or so at the very least. We also recommend checking the torque on the wiring connections.

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However, I have string inverters and hybrid inverters that are energy efficient and have a capacity of 240 watts. They are 97% efficient, so they get enough cooling from the case’s convection. There are no fins or fans to clog up. They are guaranteed to last 25 years simply by sitting on the roof beneath the solar panels. There is no need for any kind of maintenance. Although it all depends on the application, the user is using the product.


  • No More Stress and Noise From Generator
  • No More Concerns With Rising Fuel Prices
  •  No More Complete Reliance on Utility Companies aka “NEPA”.
  • No Fear Of Electric Shock – Low DC Power
  • No Fear Of Electrical Fire
  •  Easy Installation (DIY)
  • Free Energy is from The Sun and it ensures daily recharges.
  • One Time Payment – No recurring Fee / bill
  • Installament (Lease-to-own) / Easybuy payment available

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