Sun King Home 800 Solar Hybrid System

Home 8000 4P - 2B Solar Home System-Solarity

The Sun King Home 8000 4P – 2B solar home hybrid system – Solarity is the pinnacle in home power. It is a comprehensive solar-powered pay-as-you-go house system that powers existing alternating current loads. It is intended to replace the unstable grid and the costly fuel generator.

All that you require in order to light and power your home is included. It charges by solar and a grid connection (where available) to ensure that electrical items such as light bulbs, televisions, fans, computers, and so on can be used even during power outages. 2kva Solar Hybrid Inverter with Pure Sinewave 2B or 4 × 450 watt solar panels with cables 2.56kwh Lithium Battery with a 10-year lifespan 3-year inverter and battery warranty; 20-year warranty on solar panels

Product Specifications

  • Solar Power: 900 or 1800W (2 or 4 x 450 watt monocrystalline solar panels Minimum efficacy : ≥92
  • Rated output voltages: 230Vac, ±5% & 220/230Vac
  • Input Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz (auto-detection)
  • LCD display screen : Displays connection, usage and battery consumption
  • Battery Indicator : 25.6V 2.56kWh lithium-ion LFP battery & 0-80A, adjustable
  • Solar Charge Indicator : In-built MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller
  • Rated battery input voltage : 24V (minimum starting voltage 22V)
  • Pay -As You Go Enforcement: GSM-based activation using Sun King Link API compatible with major PAYG software platforms (licensed separately)
  • Inverter output voltages: Pure sine wave 2kW
  • Warranty Standard 3-year Sun King Warranty 

What Include in the Box

  • 2Kw Solar Inverter
  • Available with 900w or 1800w solar power
  • 2.5Kwh lithium LFT Battery
  • Zero maintenance
  • 2 X 450W solar panel
  • Mobile phone charging
  • Easy installation
    Cables and installation accessories


  • Product Line: Solarity Plus Limited
  • Production Country: China
  • Weight (kg): 60
  • Certifications: Eco Friendly
  • Color: Yellow & Black
  • Main Material: Drop-proof, water resistant, UV-stable, IP65 rated polycarbonate & ABS casing.

How does Solarity Plus solve the problem of energy access with the Sun king Solar Hybrid System Home 8000?

Solarity employs the traditional ‘esusu’ method of cash contribution or transfers where interested customers pay small, small for the products. In this way, the customers enjoy the use of the solar home system and solar lights while paying gradually until they complete payment for the products. For instance, the cash price for the Solar Home 4P – 2B goes for N2, 452, 500 and for a (1) months payment option N2, 523, 100 months payment option (2) months is N2, 601, 700, (3) months payment option is N2, 676, 300 and allows customer to make a down payment for a one months N1, 103, 700, (2) months down payment is N858, 400, (3) months down payment is N735, 800 and weekly payment for one months is N354, 900 (2) months of weekly plan is N218,000 and (3) months for a weekly plan is  N161, 800.

Who is the target Sun king Solar Home 8000 4P - 2B customer?

Typically, Solarity is more involved with communities located in the off-grid space through their numerous Solar Ambassadors strategically located in those communities. Their major customers and prospects are market women and men, shop owners and most homes living in those off-grids and underserved communities.

Client Testimonials

Good day, the solarity products are great. I have been using the pure solar system for over 10 years and the hybrid system for 4 years and they have both been performing well. And on the few occasions when I had issues, their customer service was also very good
Bolajoko Dixon-Ogbechi
Customer service topnotch Thier inverter works very well been using it for some years and still counting...solarity keep providing great service
Ukpono Jacob
Solarity provides the best & affordable solar products and their staff are the best. I’ll definitely recommend them for anyone looking to get solar products.
Husain Ridwan

What are you waiting for?

According to the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) over 95% of Nigerians have one sibling or age parents located either in an off-grid or under electrified areas in Nigeria. If that be the case, you need the Sun King Solar Home 8000 4P – 2B for yourself, siblings or aged parents. 

You can reach solarity Plus Ltd on their social media handles, website – or simply call +234 805 2735 910, +2349053902950 for all enquiries including bigger systems.

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