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SOLARITY Powering Access to Brighter Lives through Off-Grid Solar

Sun king series: Sun King Home 60

Energy is a catalyst and enabler of development, and societies cannot develop without reliable, adequate, and affordable energy services. According to the World Bank Energy Progress Report 2022 released by Tracking SDG 7, Nigeria has the lowest access to electricity globally, with about 92 million people out of the country’s 200 million population lacking access to power.

Sun King Home 60R Solar Light In Lagos
Sun king series: Sun King Home 60

Solarity Plus, a subgroup of Vanpeux Global Synergy Ltd, is a solar developer with a mandate to connect people at the bottom of the pyramid. The Sun king Home 60 is one of the products Solarity is using to power access to these people that are under-electrified or completely off-grid.

~MRS ABIKE OLALENGE-Solarity-Customer


“Since I started dey use Sunking Home 60, My shop no dey ever dark for night,I remember when they first introduced the product I condemn am, I no go lie! But now I just enjoy being home 60.”

Some of the features of the sun king home 60 are as follows:

LEDs : Power LEDs with lumens total flux ( 100 lumens per lamp) Minimum efficacy : 150 lumens per watt.

Battery : 600 Ah, 3.3 volt Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery.

Solar Panel : 6 watt, 5.8 volt polycrystalline solar panel with aluminium frame and a 6 metre wire.

Enclosure : Rugged ABS and polycarbonate plastic IP Rating : IP21

Battery Indicator : Digital LED meter to display the remaining battery power.

Solar Charge Indicator : Digital LED meter to display charge effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5, to help optimise solar panel placement.

Power Control : Battery Management technology automatically switches the lamps to low-power mode when the battery is running dry, yielding additional hours of light.

Image or youtube video of customers’ testimonials

How does Solarity Plus solve the problem of energy access with the Sun king Home 60?

Solarity employs the traditional ‘esusu’ method of cash contribution or transfers where interested customers pay small, small for the products. In this way, the customers enjoy the use of the solar home system and solar lights while paying gradually until they complete payment for the products. For instance, the cash price for the Home 60 goes for N43, 500.00 and a 3 months payment option is N50, 500 and allows customer to make a down payment of N13, 100 and weekly payment of N3, 200.

Who is the target Sun king Home 60 customer?

Typically, Solarity is more involved with communities located in the off-grid space through their numerous Solar Ambassadors strategically located in those communities. Their major customers and prospects are market women and men, shop owners and most homes living in those off-grids and underserved communities.


What are you waiting for?

According to the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) over 95% of Nigerians have one sibling or age parents located either in an off-grid or under electrified areas in Nigeria. If that be the case, you need the Sun King home 60 for yourself, siblings or aged parents. 

You can reach solarity Plus Ltd on their social media handles, website – or simply call +234 805 2735 910, +2349053902950 for all enquiries including bigger systems.

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