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What is the best inverter in the market?

According to market research conducted by Solarity Plus Limited, where we attempted to determine what is the best inverter on the market?, we discovered that purchasing an inverter and its battery for home use is one of the most important factors that influences the purchase decision is the determination of power requirements of the appliances.


The power requirements of the appliances that will be run by the inverter

An inverter’s VA rating is the apparent power it can supply to power appliances at any given time. It is calculated by adding the individual power ratings of all the appliances that will be powered by the inverter.

The resulting sum is then divided by the power factor. In general, the power factor ranges from 0.7 to 0.8.

Assume you want to use inverter power to power the following appliances:

– Three ceiling fans = 75W x three = 225W

50W x 4 = 200W = 4 Fluorescent Tubes

1 refrigerator equals 175W

Power consumption total = 225W + 200W + 175W = 600W


All of the appliances that can be run on inverter power now have a power rating of 600W. Divide 600 by the power factor, i.e. 0.8, to get the VA rating of an inverter, i.e. 600 / 0.8 = 750 VA. As a result, a 900 VA inverter would be an appropriate choice for the above-mentioned energy requirement.


In furthermore to the knowledge and insight held in common previous section, aspects such as the inverter technology among sine wave and square wave that one needs to choose based on one’s requirements, the capacity of the battery that would be sufficient for powering one’s home appliances, and knowledge and understanding about just the ways within which some brands cut manufacturing cost by installing sub – standard cooling fans in the inverter casing that overheats only after a couple minutes of use, all play an important role.

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