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How do LED light bulbs work in Nigeria?

LED bulbs operate differently from incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

Rather than relying on a filament or a vapour to conduct electricity, LED lights conduct electricity (an electric charge) through solid materials. The electrons inside are excited by the charge and move quickly through the solid substance, producing light. Due to the extremely low heat output of this method, very little electricity is lost.

To put it another way, good LEDs are incredibly energy-efficient. In fact, even in a high-traffic area of your home, LEDs can operate for as little as ₦ 4,000 per bulb, per year. This is due to their efficiency in providing light.

Since LED bulbs don’t have a filament and generate very little heat, they last a very, very long time before they need to be replaced. A decent LED will outlast halogen lights by a factor of 5 to 15. This implies that for you, buying replacement bulbs and getting up on chairs to change them will become quite infrequent occurrences. 



Whenever you want to buy, comparing the lifespan expenses and longevity of high-quality LED bulbs to those of other types of lighting so that you can make a well-informed decision. 

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