How we can save energy in nigeria


How we can save energy in nigeria

The electricity current flows through an open circuit of solar cells, converting sunlight-generated energy into electricity. Power is supplied to your home or business by electricity.

How we can save energy in nigeria? There are several ways to save energy generated by solar panels and inverter batteries that are not being used in your home or business.

(1) When you use less energy: Currently, the easiest way to conserve energy is to turn off any unnecessary equipment you may have in your house or place of business.

(2) Reduce the number of appliances; for example, when you don’t need an air conditioner or refrigerator, turn it off.

(3) Try not to keep any heating appliances, such as refrigerators or iron boxes, close to heating objects to prevent exposure.

(4) Use sleeping mode, if available; or when getting ready for bed.

(5) Avoid using a ceiling fan in conjunction with an air conditioner.

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