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Portable Solar Generator

A portable solar generator is an electronic device used to power your home or business  during a power outage. It is most effective to work smarter during a power outage. One day a man is presenting a product to his customer without knowing when the lights will turn off, but during his presentation the lights were suddenly off, so he tried to restore the light in the conference room, but all efforts were in vain because the generator (fuel ) didn’t work due to the corrupted things. He was so frustrated that he gave up until someone suggested that he should get a portable solar generator that can power the appliances and all other electronics.

Consider a world in which everything you desire is always available, including real and consistent electricity.


Power for office workstationsSolar-Powered-Home-Generator4.jpg
• Power for home appliances
• power supply for Tours, picnics & Camping, Outdoor & Outreach events
• Uninterrupted power for Critical equipment/appliances.
• Independent power for Security surveillance system(CCTV), IP phones, servers
• Suitable for weak grid areas


  • It is smoke free, sound free and maintenance free
  • Its cost efficient
  • Its a long time investment, Its makes outdoor functions like camping more convenient. To mention a few. Learn more about Why do we need inverters at home  Let electricity pay your bill today. Get a portable solar generator to power all appliances used at home.

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