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Solar 7.5KVA 24V/48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 350w Solar Panel X20

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A 7.5 kVA inverter is sufficient for a 5- to 10-bedroom home to power 15–25 LED lamps, 5–10 fans, 4 televisions, 2 mixers,  a small 160-liter refrigerator during power outages, and 1 Air Conditioner . It is a solar-ready inverter that can be connected to solar panels of up to 2900 watts in the future to power all home appliances throughout the day using solar energy.

The 7.5KVA 24V/48V Inverter is a powerful 24V/48V system that provides enhanced efficiency and flexibility with a variety of battery types. This enables you to tailor your power backup setup to your own specific needs. This inverter is capable of managing the load of powering important appliances in your house or running critical workplace equipment.

The 7.5 kVA solar solution system comes with:

  • 1 unit of a 7.5 kVA inverter
  • 4 unit of 220Ah Tall Tubular batteries
  • 4 units of 400w Solar Panels
  • 1 unit of Solar Charge controller (inbuilt for hybrid)
  • 4 Sets of Installation Material (Bungalow)

The typical load is :

  • Light: 15-25 (LED) 9W max
  • Fan: 4–10 (Energy Efficient)
  • TV:  4 (LED) Max 50
  • Decoder:5-7
  • Laptop: 5-7

This 7.5KVA is ideal for both home and workplace use. It is appropriate for banking halls and function spaces. The 48V is a high-rate supply that allows the inverter to handle greater loads than the standard 24V. When deciding between numerous inverters with the same 7.5 kVA outputs, it is critical to consider the voltage and build quality, particularly the copper level.

This does not include a transformer, which is why it is termed a hybrid. It has its own support call for the charge controller and others, allowing it to manage its difficulties without interfering with the functionality of other components.

Solar 7.5kVA 24v/48V inverter: a sophisticated power backup solution designed to meet your energy requirements with maximum efficiency. With the latest advances in technology, this inverter effortlessly combines solar and grid power, allowing you to use the sun’s energy while remaining connected to the electricity supply. This inverter maintains a constant supply of electricity while maximizing energy savings by automatically switching between solar and electrical power from the grid based on accessibility and usage.


Built-in AC Charger
Built-in battery reverse polarity protection.
charge is adjustable. Current and Output Frequency

The generator features an RS-232 communication interface and automatic on/off functionality.
Full-function LCD and LED Display
AC Input and Output Protection Switch
Built-in Battery Temperature Compensation Interface
Automatic AC and PV charging after shutdown.
Features include a pure sine wave circuit architecture with low frequency and excellent reliability, as well as optional four battery types and a three-stage intelligent charger.

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