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Renewable Energy Companies In Nigeria

Solarity Plus Limited is one of the best leading renewable energy companies in Nigeria, with high-quality products and services that offer a last-ditch solution to powerless or no-light days. Nigerians are suffering from a power outage. 

Solarity Plus Limited is a Nigerian solar developer that collaborates with international brands such as Solar Africa, Solar Century, and Sunfunder to bring affordable power to organizations / institutions and members of staff such as yours. We are a pioneering member of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria, as well as a member of the Nigerian Council of Renewable Energy, with certified Renewable Energy capabilities by American Winrock International in collaboration with GIZ and USAID. Recently certified among 45 firms in Nigeria to develop and install solar systems.


We are a sales and technical organization; and we grow profitably by Acquiring new customers, developing current customers to greater profitability and Retaining profitable businesses.



2022 was a great year for us as a company; we ended the year on a high note, having received several awards from various organizations and groups.

Back-to-back BUSINESS DAY awards in 2019 and 2022 as the Top 5 Fastest Growing Renewable Energy Company in Nigeria, combined with recent German and American recognition…


Not to mention the LSETF and Lagos State Government special awards. What does that imply? You can rely on us to install your solar and inverter systems.


Renewable energy helps to create job opportunities for youth and adults in society by leveraging the engineer who assists in the installation of panels at homes and businesses. The engineer also assists in the maintenance of the panels.


Solar energy is the cleanest, emission-free, and renewable energy source, as opposed to fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, which emit pollutants into the atmosphere and pollute our environment.


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