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Solar energy is a type of energy that uses sunlight as a source of energy to produce direct current electricity. Science has proven that humans used sunlight to light fires with items similar to magnifying glasses as early as the 7th century B.C., demonstrating how early humans used the fundamental principle of solar energy.


The quantity of solar energy that reaches the earth’s surface in an hour and a half is adequate to supply all of the world’s energy needs for a complete year. Through photo-voltaic (PV) panels or reflective surfaces that absorb radiation from the sun, solar technologies turn sunlight into electrical energy. Batteries or thermal storage devices can also be used to store this energy or to generate power.


Below, you will find useful information on the fundamentals of solar radiation, photovoltaic, and thermal power that is covered in this article.

Solar radiation is the light that the sun emits, commonly referred to as electromagnetic radiation. The volume of renewable radiation that reaches any given area on the Earth’s surface fluctuates, even though every location receives some sunshine during the course of a year. The radiation is captured by solar technology, which transforms it into a useable source of power.


Photovoltaic solar energy is an emission-free, sustainable form of energy that generates electricity by utilizing solar radiation. It is entirely predicated on the photoelectric effect, which occurs when such materials emit photons (light’s energy is proportional to its oscillation regularly bases and release electrons, resulting in an electric current. This energy generates an electrical current that is transmitted to an applied electric field in the cell, resulting in the flow of electric current.


Mirrors are used in solar-thermal power (CSP) systems to reflect and focus light from the sun onto transmitters, which therefore absorb it all and turn it into heat that can be utilized to generate electricity or stored for later use. It is mainly utilized in very sizable power plants.

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