W A I T !!!

You No Mean Am! So  You Still Dey Wait Make Dem Bring Light! You Never Wan Commot from This unreliable and crazy baillers Dem

Nawooo for you, So You still dey drag that you nosy generator, e sure for you say you go still maintain am tomorrow!        

No stress yourself! you don hear about the amazing solar system package for both home an business from solarity​


Solarity Sunking Home Solar System Na Super Solar System Way Dey Come With TV, Free To-Air Decorder Plus Extra Power Bright Lightings.


A full stand alone system with no extra back up from NEPA/ other power source.

Guaranteed to provide Uninterrupted Power that is Clean, Reliable and Cost-Effective Power…

enjoy that family moment you ever wanted

With solarity home system

  • No need for generator stress and noise
  • No need for fuel hikes concern
  • No need for NEPA palaver
  • No need for fear of electric shock – it’s a friendly power from nature
  • No need for fear of fire
  • Easy to be install (DIY)

Grab our AMAZING FREEBIES  – Valid 10 days Only Below

What you get when you pay now:

  • Highest level energy efficient 24inch TV (32inch available)
  • Digital rechargeable radio and music player with micro SD card slot which supports Mp3
  • Two bright tube lights (400 lumens each)
  • Two bright hanging lamps (200 lumens each)
  • One motion – sensing security light (100 lumens)
  • Solar power box
  • Solar panel
  • Free to air dish & materials
  • Free installations in Lagos

All of These For A Whopping Discount  of just

N325,000 !!!

Valid only for the next 10 days!

You also get for FREE the following gifts worth N70,000

  • FREE Solar Fan
  • FREE Sunking Solar mobile phone Charging lantern

Pay 100% cash NOW and get free solar fan that comes with a battery life of over 7 years


Your protection:

  • Free 30 days money back guarantee
  • Sunking is a global brand & won several Global energy awards for Excellence
  • 24 months working warrantee
  • 5 years battery life span (replaceable)
  • 25 years solar panel life span

What You Get From Us

  • Super energy efficient 24/32inch TV
  • 4 Bright Lightings
  • Digital rechargeable radio and music player with micro SD card slot which supports Mp3
  • Solar Panel/Solar Power Box
  • Free To-Air dish & Material
  • Free Solar Fan And Solar Mobile Phone Charging System

Offer is also Valid For the First 30 Customers only

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Few Of Our Customer Feedback

Miss Mary

The new solarity solar champion is just amazing. With solar champion, I found an easy to use and effective system to increase my work hour and productivity.

Mr Fred –  Buiness owner

An easy to use solar hybride system….. It works better than my other inverter system.

Mrs. Hanatu

We where able to recover our loses and make good profit…We couldn’t be happier, thanks to solarity for proofing trust worthy.

Olasunde Adeyemi – Business owner

Solarity champion has proven it’s quailty and capacity. It was introduced by a fellow and been a worthy investment.

Mr Friday

Solarity as a company are very professional.  They offer more than expected . I will be happy to recommende them.

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