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The Sun King Home 60 is one of the products Solarity is using to provide power access to these people who are under-electrified or completely off-grid.Standard: 2-year Warranty Lifespan of Battery: 5 Years & above

~MRS ABIKE OLALENGE-Solarity-Customer
With the emergence of solar power in Nigeria, no company does it better than Solarity. Ever since I purchased a 60-watt solar light, I have enjoyed uninterrupted power supply at home. You can rest assured of amazing customer service, installation, and after-sales service. Keep the Google work going.

Why choose us?

Enenrgy Efficiency

Certified Solar Lights 100% Guarantee

Quality Solar Light

Huge Savings At Lowest Price

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24 Hours Customer Support

Easy Returns No Questions Asked

Sun King Home 60R Solar Light In Lagos
3 bulbs = 30x brigther than kerosine with energy efficiency!

We light up your homes, the renewable way

We are Proud to be partners

Other key features !

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24 hours of light on day's charge

One fully charged bulb provides bright, 100 lumen diffuse fixed room lighting to three separate rooms.

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USB Mobile Charging

Modern convenience and the central power hub feature Standard 5.5V USB and 12V power outputs to power mobile phone and Dc appliance

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5 Year battery Life

The battery life span is guaranteed to last for 5 years.

Adding light.
hope to every home.
Go Solar.

introductory price ₦89,600 only
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