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Sun King Home 500X Plus Solar Home Light System - Solarity

The solar home lighting system home 500X includes four tube lights, a motion sensing security bulb, a 50-watt solar panel, and a battery control unit. You can even add other appliances such as lights, fans, torches, and radios to fulfill your growing needs.

Product Specifications

Key Features 

  • Total Lumen Output: 900 lumens

  • Runtime: 19 hours with all lamps on Turbo Mode Up to 8 hours with all lamps on Turbo Mode and 24 Inch TV at Default Mode Up to 8 hours with all lamps on Turbo Mode and 32 Inch TV at Default Mode

  • USB Phone Charging Port: 5V 1.8A

  • Battery: 11.1V 141.52Wh lithium-ion NMC battery

  • Solar Panel: 50W 16V polycrystalline solar panel

  • Battery Indicator: While in use, digital LED meter will display remaining battery power. On low battery, the USB discharge output will be shut down.

  • Charging Indicator: Digital LED meter displays charging effectiveness. (For optimal device charging, install the solar panel appropriately to maximize its exposure to sunlight) 

  • Power Port: Four 12V(+/-3V) Ports. One port has a TV communication port designed for TV powering. The power ports minimum voltage may reach 9V, which some appliances might not be fully compatible with.

  • Enclosure: Rugged ABS. Designed for indoor use only. Keep away from water.

  • Available Daily Energy: 175 Wh/day Assumed usage profile: Light spot – 100% when not solar charging the other kits (TV, etc.)  -60% use while solar charging, and 40% when not solar charging.



Standard 2-year Sun King Warranty 

What Include in the Box

  • 4 x 200 lumen tube lights with wall mountable switches
  • USB cable for phone charging
  • Wall mounting tube light clips
  • Battery control unit
  • Mobile phone holder for charging
  • 50 watt solar panel with 6 meter cord
  • Warranty Card and User Manual


  • Product Line: Solarity Plus Limited
  • Model: SK-522
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): Tubelight: 56.5x7x10.5
  • Weight (kg): 1.58
  • Certifications: Eco Friendly
  • Color: Yellow
  • Main Material: Drop-proof, water resistant, UV-stable, IP65 rated polycarbonate & ABS casing.

How does Solarity Plus solve the problem of energy access with the Sun king Home 500X?

Solarity employs the traditional ‘esusu’ method of cash contribution or transfers where interested customers pay small, small for the products. In this way, the customers enjoy the use of the solar home system and solar lights while paying gradually until they complete payment for the products. For instance, the cash price for the Home 500X goes for N114, 200.00 and a 3 months payment option is N124, 600 and allows customer to make a down payment of N44, 900 and weekly payment of N6, 700.

Who is the target Sun king Home 500X customer?

Typically, Solarity is more involved with communities located in the off-grid space through their numerous Solar Ambassadors strategically located in those communities. Their major customers and prospects are market women and men, shop owners and most homes living in those off-grids and underserved communities.

Client Testimonials

Sunking customers service is wonderful while their public relations is so great.I deciphered that in one Peter Ejemudo who, while I was in Abuja, quickly facilitated how my product moved from Lagos to Ondo state within the spate of only one day, and weekend for that matter. Have been using their solar fan and tv for about a year now and they fantastically work very well. Above all, I have been using their inverter and solar for about 4 years now and still counting.... Honestly, Sunking is a place to go!
Prince Adewoyin
Ever since May 2022 I purchased solarity inverters, batteries and solar panels, it's been peace. We don't even know when it's solar or PHCN, the switch is very smooth. I don't even know where my generator is. I don't know anything about fuel issues etc. While trying to get familiar with the inverter when it was newly installed, I called them even very late at night and they respond. In a nutshell I am very happy with the product, the service and their efficiency.
Nonye Dilichi
Wow! What an amazing and impressive work, I have actually been heard good news about this solar company and impressed more than expectation when I moved closer. This a good company to work with and recommend to people out there . Keep it up !
Oke Mutiu Olatunji

What are you waiting for?

According to the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) over 95% of Nigerians have one sibling or age parents located either in an off-grid or under electrified areas in Nigeria. If that be the case, you need the Sun King home 500X for yourself, siblings or aged parents. 

You can reach solarity Plus Ltd on their social media handles, website – or simply call +234 805 2735 910, +2349053902950 for all enquiries including bigger systems.

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