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Sunking Lanterns in Lagos


SunKing Lanterns is One of our major products is the upgrade of basic inverters to full solar. If you own a UPS/Inverter which is in good condition with a good battery, you can upgrade it to a solar hybrid inverter by taking advantage of Solar.

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The sunking solar lanterns are one of our main products.


We sell Sun kingTM products in order to improve the lives of the world’s 2 billion off-grid consumers who rely on dim, dangerous kerosene lamps for light at night. Purchase a Sun KingTM today and help us bring honest, affordable energy to homes all over the world.

Our lanterns provide low-cost green lighting to meet your basic household power requirements. The lanterns are recharged daily with free solar energy and provide years of cost-free lighting. Some will charge your phones or power other devices as well. These high-quality solar power devices offer excellent value for money! Get Sunking Lateerns today at affordable price


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