SunKing Solar Lighting- Pro All Night



  • Lighting: Power LEDs with a total flux of 120 lumens and a color temperature of neutral
  • There are three light modes: Low (120 lumens); Normal (50 lumens); 17 lumens
  • Ambient wide-angle spread of 360 degrees
    Power & Battery
  • Battery: A lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) battery with a 5-year lifespan
  • Battery capacity: is 2800 mAh.
  • 2.7 W polycrystalline detachable panel with aluminum frame and 5 meter wire
  • On a single charge, you can get up to 45 hours of run time.
    Device Charging: Any standard USB device can be powered by the 5.5V USB power output. Compatible with almost all mobile phones
    USB cables and common phone adapters are included.
  • Durability & Materials
    Polycarbonate and ABS casings are drop-proof, UV-stable, and IP65 rated.
  • Water-resistant with an O-ring seal to keep rain and humidity out.
  • The warranty is two years.
  • LED charging indicator displays charging effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5 to aid in panel placement optimization.
  • The LED battery indicator shows how much power is left in the battery.
  • When the battery runs low, active battery management switches to low power mode, providing the user with an additional 5 hours of illumination.
  • Lighting Global quality standards are met by CE-certified, SONCAP-certified, and PVoC-certified products.


  • Portable LED light
  • Solar panel with a 5 meter cord
  • Multi-use stand
  • Charging kit with USB cable and phone adapters
  • Warranty card and user manual


  • Size (L x W x H cm): Lamp Dimensions: 138 x 118 x 76 mm;
  • Dimensions of the stand: 215 x 155 x 265 mm;
  • Overall Dimension: 300 x 155 mm
  • Solar Panel Dimensions: 200 x 134 x 17 mm
  • Weight (kg): 0.827
  • Main Material: Drop-proof, UV-stable, IP65 rated polycarbonate and ABS casing

SunKing Solar Lighting System- Pro All Night- Power LEDs With 120 Lumens, With 2800 MAh, 3.3 Volt Lithium-NMC Battery

₦17,000 -₦15,000

The Sun King Pro All Night ensures maximum enjoyment even to the most demanding customers because it is built to run on the highest brightness setting for an astounding 8 hours after just one day of charging. Users can charge their phone or other USB-powered device day or night thanks to the huge capacity battery and USB-equipped phone charging connector.
The most long-lasting Solar Powered Light with integrated phone charging is the award-winning Sun KingTM PRO All Night.

The trustworthy device for keeping homes and workplaces well-lit during the day and at night.

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