Why is solar power the best option for alternative energy in nigeria

Why is solar power the best option for alternative energy in nigeria

Why is solar power the best option for alternative energy in Nigeria? Even when conventional power networks fail, solar power systems can still supply energy.You essentially become completely independent from the electricity grid with an off-grid solution. You will continue to have a supply of energy independent of the grid.

There are many possibilities available with solar systems: you can go off-grid or keep connected to the grid by buying back extra energy. You have two options for solar energy systems: ground-mounted or roof-mounted. Even as a backup power source, solar is an option. Read more on other related topics Solar energy power system

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Solar energy is a renewable resource, so you won’t ever have to be concerned about rising fossil fuel prices or the negative effects of burning them on the environment. Learn more about Solar Panel Maintenance and cleaning in Lagos and Portable Solar Generator

You immediately begin saving money when you switches to solar energy. You don’t have to wait long to start reaping the rewards of converting to solar energy because you can see the consequences right now.

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Portable Solar Generator

A portable solar generator is an electronic device used to power your home or business  during a power outage. It is most effective to work smarter during a power outage. One day a man is presenting a product to his customer without knowing when the lights will turn off, but during his presentation the lights were suddenly off, so he tried to restore the light in the conference room, but all efforts were in vain because the generator (fuel ) didn’t work due to the corrupted things. He was so frustrated that he gave up until someone suggested that he should get a portable solar generator that can power the appliances and all other electronics.

Consider a world in which everything you desire is always available, including real and consistent electricity.


Power for office workstationsSolar-Powered-Home-Generator4.jpg
• Power for home appliances
• power supply for Tours, picnics & Camping, Outdoor & Outreach events
• Uninterrupted power for Critical equipment/appliances.
• Independent power for Security surveillance system(CCTV), IP phones, servers
• Suitable for weak grid areas


  • It is smoke free, sound free and maintenance free
  • Its cost efficient
  • Its a long time investment, Its makes outdoor functions like camping more convenient. To mention a few. Learn more about Why do we need inverters at home  Let electricity pay your bill today. Get a portable solar generator to power all appliances used at home.

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The new electricity tariff! What are the implications for consumers?



The new electricity tariff! What are the implications for consumers? As the regime takes effect from April 1, Akinola AJIBADE examines its implications for consumers.

In April 1, the new electricity tariff regime would take off. Under it, consumers, including individuals and corporate organizations, would pay more for energy.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) in January announced the new tariff regime amid anxieties and huge expectations from Nigerians.

Notable is the effectiveness of the tariffs. Many consumers do not pay cost-effective tariffs; a reason the government introduced the new regime.

Earlier, NERC said it would implement the tariffs in phases, to ensure the payment is flexible.

Stakeholders have expressed mixed feelings on the issue. While some believe that the cost of accessing electricity is high and that the Federal Government’s decision to continue to subsidize the cost of electricity till 2021, cannot lessen the pains of average users of energy until supply is stable, others do not.

They backed the government’s decision to increase the tariffs. To them, the government is on the path of rejiging the sector by returning it to optimal productivity.

One of the three key stakeholders in the energy value chain is the 11 power distribution companies (DisCos), which issue electricity bills and in return collect money from customers. Painfully, the money is not paid promptly due to irregular supply of power.

The Director, Research and Advocacy, Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED), Mr. Sunday Oduntan, said the supply of electricity would improve as soon as there is increased revenue from the tariffs.

He said: “While I understand the frustrations of Nigerians that they are not getting enough supply of electricity, it is pertinent to say that the poor funding of the sector, in recent times, caused the problem. For the sector to be efficiently run, the price of electricity must increase.

That is what the government has done by trying to implement new electricity tariffs on April 1, this year. Nigeria cannot have electricity if those in government refuse to sit down, examine issues affecting the sector, and proffering solution. We must realize that the cost of production of electricity determines its price.”

He said the only way the country could mitigate the rising cost of electricity is to make money available to the operators and that is what the government has done by putting in place cost-effective tariffs.The Chief Executive officer, Meter Electricity Manufacturers Company Nigeria Limited (MEMCOL), Mr. Kola Balogun, said liquidity is the bane of the sector, adding that consumers lacked the cash to pay for the rising cost of electricity.


He said the government is subsidizing the sector by providing intervention funds to the operators, adding that it cannot continue to fund the sector when it has other responsibilities unattended to. The sector, he said, would have enough money for operation if the tariffs are well implemented. Learn more about Power supply to drop again, TCN alerts Nigerians

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