Why are businesses in Nigeria going solar?

Why Business are going on solar panel


Why are businesses in Nigeria going solar? As businesses and startups grow and evolve, they look for new ways to save money and have a better budget management system. Going solar is one of those solutions that can help your company save money on electricity bills.

After all, investing in solar energy in the third millennium is not only a beneficial choice for your business but also a necessity for the earth and for having a greener world.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for the traditional energy sources, you can make use of the energy of the sun sent to us naturally. And that’s exactly how the solar technology works: solar photovoltaic (PV) devices use the direct sunlight converting it into electricity.

Installing such technology in your company will essentially reduce your business’ monthly energy bills. Initially, there should be some investment on your side for the overall process of setting the technology up but it’s worth the money and it’s becoming more and more affordable every year.

And above all, solar energy is a good way to show the world that you care. It will make you competitive among other businesses and earn you a good reputation. This will result in customers choosing your company over those that use traditional energy sources.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Small Businesses

There are a number of good reasons for choosing to go solar but sometimes business owners don’t realize this and stick to the common means of energy. This happens because of the lack of information as many entrepreneurs think that solar energy is expensive or believes a number of other myths about solar power. Nowadays, especially during the past 2 years the costs for solar systems have greatly decreased and can be affordable for small businesses, even for startups.

To help you make up your mind and understand if it is beneficial for your business to go solar, we have made a list of the advantages of solar power for your business:

Reduced Energy Costs:
Electricity bills are a nightmare for business owners and the worst part is that they keep rising. Businesses make use of a number of different devices and equipment that consume a lot of electricity making business owners pay thousands of dollars. This issue can be solved by means of solar power. Going solar will substantially reduce your energy costs helping you improve the budget of your company.

Decrease in Carbon Footprint: Deciding to go solar will not only be a good investment for your business but also for the environment. Giving up on the traditional energy sources you will have your part in the decrease of the overall carbon footprint of the world. Solar energy is a clean and green source of energy that contains absolutely nothing that could be harmful to the nature – no greenhouse gases, no chemicals released into the air. Spread a word  (via social media, news, etc.) that your company is using solar panels and has its own little contribution in the better future of the world and the nature.

Fewer Power Outages: Unexpected power outages are quite characteristic of traditional energy sources and might get business owners into serious problems (e.g., losing important calls with clients, missing out on task deadlines, etc.) resulting in financial damage. However, this is not the case with solar power. The probability that you will have to face a power outage with a solar panel is almost null. These systems will highly improve the level of your grid security.

Low-Maintenance: Solar systems require almost no maintenance. All you need to do is annual cleaning so as to keep the panels in a good shape and make sure they last long (the average lifespan of solar panels is 25-40 years).

More Customers: Customers also tend to choose the services of those companies which have their contribution to the sustainability of the world. Why not generate higher revenues by means of solar power and have more customers choose your company over others?

Support of the Local Economy: The demand for solar power contributes to the opening of jobs in solar companies supporting the local economy.

Increased Property Value: With a solar panel the value of your property will increase highly and you will be able to get a really beneficial deal when selling it.

Don’t Think Twice! Go Solar Now!

All of the above-mentioned reasons are enough to ensure you in the benefits of solar energy for your small business. They will help you make the right decision.

It is understandable that you can’t switch your business to solar energy in one day. It is a serious process that takes time to be implemented. But all these efforts invested in the overall procedure of going solar are surely worthy because they will be returned to you after a short period of time.

If we also add to this the fact that you might be able to find a funding option for the installation of a solar panel in your company – there remains no reason why you wouldn’t decide to go green.

To sum up, just remember how important it is to have a better and cleaner environment. Your every little “green” contribution can be a huge change to the earth in this industrial and technological era. Make your business more competitive and step up into the next stage of growth by investing in solar energy.

In the end, don’t waste your money on something that pollutes the air you breathe – it’s simple as that! Consider all the needs and requirements of your company and take the right steps to have your business go solar




Should you buy a solar generator?


If you are considering buying a solar generator, there are several factors to consider, and it could be the best option for you if your main goal is to power smaller appliances like those found on boats or campers.

Solar generators provide a special energy solution for people who are still on the go and require additional electricity due to how simple they are to travel and use.


Having said all that, there have been some disadvantages, like the poor power density, prolonged recharging times, and dependency on the sun. All of these factors restrict the technology’s applicability as whole-home backup power solutions.

We advise establishing a rooftop or ground-mounted solar system with a home battery for those still you considering in a backup energy supply from a sustainable energy source.

Why solar generators are important?



When enough of our people depends on these technology to function and stay socially engaged, having backup power at home is becoming increasingly important.

Solar generators are important for supplying backup power for essential medical equipment like CPAP machines and other at-home health monitors, in addition to powering minor appliances like fans, medium-sized refrigerators, and air conditioners.


Gas versus solar power producers
While fuel generators may function in many of the earlier situations listed, they have a number of disadvantages:


depend on fuel


It may be difficult to reach any kind of fuel source when you find yourself in an emergency situation like a blackout, hurricane, or flood, which effectively leaves your gas generator ineffective.

How Does Solar Generator Work?

Prior to actually purchasing a solar powered generator, calculate how much power you’ll require to run appliances, tools, and technology in the event of a power outage and whatever other you’ll require in the wilderness.


Once you’ve determined how several watts you’ll require, look for a generator with the appropriate weight, dimensions, and channels. Below are the top ten solar generators mostly on the market.



How does a solar generator work?


A solar generator works when a solar panel converts sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity that passes through the charge controller. Then, the solar energy is stored inside the battery. The inverter turns the electricity into accessible alternating current (AC) power. 


How long can a solar-powered generator run?

Solar powered generators typically last between 25 and 35 years, depending on the model and quality. It is an investment, but that will pay off in the long run. Furthermore, several solar generators include warranties, so if anything goes badly, users can have it repaired.

How do they compare in terms of effectiveness and other variables? Let’s take a look:



A generator should always be durable, reliable, and long these days to be a good investment. Solar generators seem to be more long lasting than gas generators even though those that progress to store electrical energy once tied to clean energy resources. It doesn’t take much effort to ensure that something performs. With gas generators, you must depend on various forms of energy production, which seem to be finite and costly.

Features and Efficient

You may have both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electricity anytime, anyplace with an all-in-one small solar generator that includes solar panels, a battery, an inverter, and a charge controller.

In the case of power outage, cloudy or rainy circumstances with little to no sun, standby solar generators improve the sustainability of your home. The solar generators will keep your electrical equipment running till the sun comes out again or electricity is restored thanks to a controlled design phase.

Solar generators can deliver reliable off-grid energy for longer durations using little more than the energy from the sun.
In many circumstances, solar generators could be as efficient as or far more efficient than generators fueled by gas or propylene in terms of producing electricity.

The way solar generators function is by combining a solar panel, a charge controller, a battery system, and an inverter into a small device that can transform solar energy into a usable electrical current. We shall examine each of solar generators’ features separately to gain a better understanding of how they operate.

Battery: In sequence for you to just use the energy that a solar generator harvests from the sun in the future, it needs to be stored. The secondary storage is the battery. Since around 2016, a number of solar generators on the market have utilized lithium-ion batteries. Though less effective, lead acid batteries are so much more affordable and accessible than lithium-ion technologies.

Having said that, lithium-ion batteries do still have substantial benefits over lead acid batteries, and we advise using lithium-ion batteries even though they are long-term safer and more cost-effective.

A crucial part of the solar generator, the charge controller’s principal job is to safeguard and support the battery’s longevity. Based on the specific rechargeable battery and solar panel you are just using, charge controllers typically include a variety of capabilities for charging and discharging.


Because they regulate the power dynamics between the solar panels and batteries, charge controllers are essential for a solar generator to function.
The inverter is a features that transforms the battery’s low direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which can be utilized to power common household appliances.

Because the electricity shouldn’t need to be transformed, appliances that run on DC power can really function without so much as an inverter.