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The best Inverter Battery In Lagos

There are a few things to keep in mind while deciding on the best inverter battery to purchase, depending on the size needed. However, it is quite challenging to determine the precise capacity inverter for your needs because it depends entirely on the application’s power consumption.

Sine Wave: Since an inverter changes direct current into alternating current, the resultant current should take the form of a sine wave. Fans or tube lights will make that grating humming sound if you get an inverter without sine wave. therefore get a sine wave inverter if you don’t want that sound.

Battery is a vital component of an inverter that stores current to provide during a power outage, so you must choose the finest battery for your inverter. Tubular Battery: Depending on usage, tubular batteries will perform better and last 4-5 years.

Battery Backup
Battery voltage, battery capacity, and power usage are the main determinants of battery backup. Most batteries have a nominal voltage of 12 volts, so a battery would provide backup power in accordance with your power needs and the load on the inverter.

Furthermore, the following is a rule of thumb that can be used to determine the amount of battery capacity needed given the current situation: (Power usage in watts) x (Battery backup in hours) / (Voltage of the battery)

For illustration, let’s assume that an inverter requires 500W of power to operate. So, (500 x 4) / 12 = 166.67 Ah. Therefore, a 180Ah battery would be needed to power 500W of power demand for 4 hours on an inverter.

Know what kind of power you need.

You must identify the correct power requirements by estimating the power requirements of your home in order to estimate the minimum inverter battery capacity. The total electricity used by various appliances is listed below:

70 watts per fan
60 watts per tube light
25 watts per CFL
120 watts per television

For instance, 535 watts will be required to run one television, three fans, three tube lights, one CFL, and three tube lights simultaneously for three hours on a power inverter.

Understanding battery capacity

Your choice of battery type and quality will affect the lifespan and functionality of your inverter. An inverter battery’s voltage is typically measured at 12 Volts. The formula that will enable you to determine the battery capacity is provided below:

Battery Voltage = (total power needed*Backup time)/Battery Capacity (in volts)
Battery capacity equals (535*3)/12, or 133 Ah.


In this case, an inverter battery with a minimum capacity of 130Ah will be adequate for a residence.

Since Luminous, Mpower, Felicity offers a wide selection of inverter batteries for your home, you should get an inverter battery from a reputable brand. Analyze and comprehend your power needs carefully before making an investment in the greatest inverter batteries for your house. Learn more about How Much Does Inverter Battery Cost?

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