The Big Seven in Management and Sales

Planning, organization, staffing, delegation, supervision, monitoring, and reporting are the main aspects of management that affect results. These are the areas where managers must accomplish in order to fulfill their roles. A manager may perform poorly and fail if they have a deficiency in one of these areas.

Prospecting, establishing rapport and trust, determining needs, persuading presenting, addressing objections, closing the deal, and obtaining repeat business and referrals are the primary result areas of sales. Lower sales and occasionally a salesperson’s failure can result from subpar performance in any of these critical areas.

Whatever you do, you must possess a few key competencies in order to perform your work well. These requirements are always shifting. Your ability to perform your work is enabled by the key talents you have acquired. However, a few crucial outcomes are at the heart of your work and determine whether you succeed or fail in your position.

Clarity is Important
Finding the important result areas of your work is the first step toward great performance. Talk about them with your manager. Make a list of the persons who are accountable for your most essential outputs, and confirm their agreement with those who are above, below, and on the same level as you.
For example, obtaining qualifying appointments is one of a salesperson’s important result areas. The success of the entire sales process depends on this action. One important result area is closing sales. The product or service is activated when the sale is completed.


The negotiation of a bank loan may be one of the major result areas for a business owner. The correct personnel should be hired, and delegation should be done well. Key performance indicators for a receptionist or secretary include letter-writing, phone answering, and effectively transferring callers. People’s income and promotion prospects are heavily influenced by their capacity to complete these activities promptly and effectively.

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