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Why do inverter batteries drain very fast in nigeria?

Why do inverter batteries drain very fast in nigeria? They drain quickly because your battery bank is too small to provide the power you require for as long as you require it. There are additional factors that contribute to the battery draining quickly.

It could also be due to an overburdened system. For example, if you have a hybrid inverter with a capacity of 25Ah and a built-in lithium battery and a 300w inverter with energy efficiency, that can  carry a light bulb, TV, decoder, and laptops, among other things.

When the load is increased from 25Ah, it will bridge the contact. As a result, they accelerate quickly, putting a strain on the supply power.

Also when not being used, a hot inverter battery will discharge much more quickly. Battery damage may result from this type of drain. Going from a full charge to a zero charge or vice versa won’t teach your inverter battery how much power it can store.

Occasionally, we advise you to discharge your battery to under 25% before overnight charging.
Battery-eating vibrations are common! Turn it off, Steps 2 and 3, as well as any unused appliances. 4. Submersion in liquid or water of the battery. Read related topics Why is solar power the best option for alternative energy in nigeria and Inverter battery 200Ah Price In Lagos

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