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Why do we need inverters at home in lagos

Inverters are used when there is an electrical blackout as a backup system. When the generated electricity is turned off, it can help homeowners to power your electronic appliances at home. The purpose of an inverter is to convert direct current(DC) into alternating current (AC). The current generated by the battery or solar panels is known as direct current.

Inverters are classified into two types: modified square wave inverters and sine wave inverters. The modified square wave inverters are actually square waves with periodic voltage zeros. When it comes to converting DC to AC, sine wave inverters outperform square wave inverters.

As a result of increased efficiency, power loss is reduced. As a result, your electricity bill will not skyrocket. This is a direct advantage of using a sine wave inverter.

Electricity is one environmentally friendly way to power your home or business. Because electricity is generated from sunlight rather than burning fossil fuels, there are no direct greenhouse gas emissions.

Installing a battery along with your solar PV system will allow you to store any unused solar energy for later use. Your electricity bill should be reduced further as a result. Read more on related topics solar light

Because you’ll be using power from your solar panels or inverters during the day rather than only the grid, you should realize a savings on your electricity cost. Learn more about How much does solar generator cost? and Solar and Real Estate

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