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3 reasons why your inverter isn’t performing as expected

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People buy inverters with the expectation of good performance. The majority of them are let down. Why? Because they were only concerned with the “Do’s” and not the “Don’ts.” Here are a few reasons why your inverter isn’t working properly. Learn more about Why do inverter batteries drain very fast in nigeria?

Overload of the system/inverter

Never allow your inverters to be powered beyond their rated capacity. For example, if your inverter has a load capacity of 5000 watts, the total amount of power it can supply should not exceed 5000 watts.

It is, however, best practice not to overload your inverter beyond its rated capacity. If it is exceeded, your inverter will most likely be damaged.


Inadequate / irregular maintenance

An inverter, like a car, will fail if it is not properly maintained or serviced.


As a result, it is recommended that you contact your service provider at least once every six months for maintenance. If the system is located in a very dusty area, the duration may be reduced.

Taking Advantage of Quacks


People fall victim to scams that sell low-quality systems in the name of getting the best deal, and the truth is that whenever you patronize quacks, there is no guarantee that you will receive valid warranty documents, let alone that the Inverter system will last a long time. Do Solar Inverter Need Maintenance? Providing proper maintenance assistance, warranty, and so on.

NB: Just before we end this article, make sure you allow your inverter to charge for up to 24 hours after purchase or maintenance before usage.


Now that you know 3 reasons why your inverter isn’t performing as expected, do the needful and share your experience in the comment section below or like on Facebook.

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