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Solar energy is a renewable form of energy and its also called sustainable energy. This means that the sun will come up in a consistently way, so you can depend on this power always being there. Sure there will be nights and cloudy days, but guess what! the sun will shine again and this “free form of renewable energy” will be back for us to use. Oil is not a renewable energy source, which means that once it’s used, it wont be back for use.

Solar power is produced during daytime, a period of high energy demand. This can be one of the biggest advantages of solar power because its the time your power company charges you expensively for the energy being used. So not only are you getting free energy, you are getting it when it would normally be most expensive.  Solar power is pretty much a quiet process. You can derive as much solar energy from the sun as you want and it doesn’t generate noise pollution. If you appreciate serenity, you’ll definitely agree that this is one of the best solar power benefits .

Energy from the sun costs nothing. once you purchase and set up the solar equipment to collect and convert energy from the sun, it will run everyday and you won’t have to pay over and over for your power. Although there is an initial payments involved, the payoff can be very worth it, when you exclude your monthly utility bills long term.

Little maintenance is needed with solar panels. Usually an occasional cleaning is all you’ll have to do, with an inspection every once a year. This is because solar panels don’t really have any moving parts and therefore there is less friction, wear out or breakage may occur.   Solar energy use in remote areas are also big. Unlike oil sources, solar power is very practical for remote areas. The cost to install solar power in areas such as this would be far less than the cost to run power lines

Now that you are more familiar with some of the major solar power benefits, you can now make decision on going SOLAR.






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