The courage to grow from stress at work is essential in day-to-day activity. As time passes, learn to create a methodical approach that suits you. Determine what works best for you and employ step-by-step tactics to accomplish your goal.  Always strive to strike a balance between your workload and free
Over the past year, the demand for a stable and uninterrupted power supply has increased day by day due to power outages in Nigeria, which are primarily caused by insufficient gas supply, low power generation, system collapse, and vandalism. The need to provide consistent electricity is critical in our society,
Why is Women’s Empowerment Important in 2022? We believe that men and women should have equal opportunities for employment in the clean energy sector. Therefore, we are involved in preparing more women for the renewable energy sector as solar distributors, designers, installers, and engineers. . Women are underrepresented in the
Renewable energy is a source of power that can be produced by the sun and wind, is emission-free, and never has to be replenished. The sun provides renewable energy that doesn’t deplete over time but instead lasts forever. This energy source, which is derived from sunlight and transformed into electricity,
Planning, organization, staffing, delegation, supervision, monitoring, and reporting are the main aspects of management that affect results. These are the areas where managers must accomplish in order to fulfill their roles. A manager may perform poorly and fail if they have a deficiency in one of these areas. Prospecting, establishing