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Are Smart Light Bulb Energy Efficient In Nigeria?

Are you looking for a way to reduce your electricity bills? Think about smart lighting.

It is the most energy-efficient smart lighting solution for your home because it emits free light. And also, it saves money 


LEDs, which are used in smart lights, are far more energy-efficient than incandescent lamps. So, absolutely, if you compare smart bulbs to incandescents. They actually save a lot of money and energy.

This smart lighting guideline will assist you in comprehending the advantages of smart lighting as well as the many forms of smart lighting for every space in your home.


Sure, users can use Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa to activate and control these smart light bulbs. You can also use your voice or a smartphone app to progressively dim them, alter their hue, and play music to improve your sleep. They do, however, nevertheless need a little amount of electricity even when the lights are out due to that sophisticated tech. Because even if smart lights don’t use a lot of electricity, they belong to a category of gadgets known as DC solar Bulb appliances, which consume power when they are not in use.


While in standby, certain “smart” lighting solutions use a surprisingly high amount of power (Watts) and aren’t necessarily a better option. Despite adopting LED technology, tests have shown that some smart lighting items are just as inefficient as the outdated incandescent light bulbs that were thrown out years ago. Using our guide, you may discover how to implement smart home technologies in your house. How to buy cheap, super-efficient LED lights 

Before making a purchase, it’s vital to research the facts about smart lighting devices. In particular, pay attention to standby power consumption, light bulb type, fitting, brightness, color, and price. If you don’t, it can end up costing you more than you anticipated in electrical costs. Read other related topics Solar Home 80 Lighting System- 4bulbs, phone charging 

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