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The Main Advantage Of A Solar SUNKING

The main advantage of a solar Sunking fan is that it runs on solar energy. In comparison to the normal Sunking fan model, this will lower your electricity bills and lessen your home’s fossil influence on the environment.



Energy Savings Consumption

A cooler Sunking Solar Fan room can help reduce the energy requirements and costs of the remainder of the house, in addition to the energy saved by solar power from fans.

Whenever you need it the most, work your hardest.

Because solar Sunking Solar fans are powered by sunshine, they work best on the hottest of days (the days when you most need the solar Sunking fan assistance).

Better Presence

When compared to other powered or passive Sunking fan types, most solar-powered attic fan models look nicer on the outside of the house.

Solar Powered Fan With Brushless Dc Motor Technology

After charging the Sunking Fan with the solar panel, it provides ultra quiet cooling. Its portable features make it convenient and ideal for home and business use.

Product Specifications

Runtime Low Power Mode 18 hours

Normal Mode     14 hours

Turbo Mode        7 hours

Battery 5100 mAh, 11.1 V
Solar Panel 20W, 16V polycrystalline solar panel with a 6 meter cable
Motor Brushless long-life DC Motor technology
Battery Indicator While in use digital LED meter displays remaining battery power, On low battery, the USB discharge output will be shut down
Charging Indicator Digital LED meter displays charging effectiveness(for optimal device charging, install the solar panel appropriately to maximize the exposure to sunlight
Enclosure Designed for indoor use only, keep away from water In case of water exposure, please dry the unit under sunlight


-Battery and other components are irreplaceable

-Model No: SK-724

-Net Contains 1 Fan, 1 Solar Panel

-This Device is not fully charged upon purchase

-Rodent Resistant cable




20 watt solar panel 

6 meter cable

Sunking Fan

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