How Do I Choose An Inverter For My Home In Lagos


Whenever there is a blackout at home or business,

This is specifically in regions, such as small towns and villages. However, power outages can make everyone unhappy, especially during the power blackout. In this case, a home inverter is perhaps the most efficient solution. If you purchase a suitable inverter from a reputable brand, you will avoid these issues.

  1. If an inverter meets the following criteria, it is considered the best inverter:
  2. It is suitable for your home’s total power consumption.
  3. It can power all of the electrical appliances you want to use during a power outage.
  4. It determines the appropriate amount of power backup required in your area based on the frequency of power outages.
  5. Have always had the safeguards such as by-pass switch, MCB protection & short circuit protection.


Once you’re aware of many of the factors to consider before purchasing an inverter, look into products from reputable manufacturers such as Mpower, Felicity, Mercury, and Luminous.


Among the many available, one of the best inverters on the market is the Mpower 1100 inverter. It includes an LCD monitor that shows data like power backup status and battery charging time.

It is also suitable for average household consumption. It is capable of powering three CFL lamps, three tube lights, three ceiling fans, and one television. This is really the ideal option for a mid-sized three-bedroom house. Learn more about other related topics like Inverter battery 200Ah Price In Lagos and  What is the best battery for a solar generator?

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