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Solar Home System 600


This portable Solar Home System 600 is an all-in-one package because it includes all of the essential equipment you’ll need, such as solar panels, lighting, a TV, a fluorescent bulb, a digital HD LED TV that’s 130x brighter than a kerosene lamp, and a motion sensing security lamp.


It is a low-cost solar system for house lights, DC TV, USB charging connections for phones, and connectors for other DC appliances. It includes a 50-watt solar panel, a 12.8V x 18AH Lithium Iron battery, and a 24-inch solar panel.


You can light up your personal space, entertain yourself, and enjoy renewable energy from the sun with this off-grid solar system. Now is the moment to go solar and save money on fuel.


Solar panel: 50W
Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), with 2000 times deep charge and discharge cycles.
The lifespan is up to 4 years.
Battery Capacity: 12.8V 18000mAh
Charging time : 4~5 hours under adequate sunlight
Outputs: 6 DC connectors serve
ports: 12V, 2 USB 5V
Battery Protection Function: is available

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