Why is Women’s Empowerment Important in 2022

Why is Women’s Empowerment Important in 2022? We believe that men and women should have equal opportunities for employment in the clean energy sector. Therefore, we are involved in preparing more women for the renewable energy sector as solar distributors, designers, installers, and engineers.

. Women are underrepresented in the energy sector, our goal is to train and mentor more women to be skilled for jobs in the sector as employees or to drive solutions for the market as solar entrepreneurs.

Vanpeux Solarity- The social enterprise offers training to women in Lagos and other parts of rural Nigeria to distribute clean energy, which leaves them with an electricity source and a business to boot.

Why is Women's Empowerment Important in 2022

Green energy can empower women

Meet Mrs Chinere

Mrs Chinere, a mother of four from the Eastern Region in Nigeria, is one such entrepreneur. While a government project has funded electricity poles and wires in her area, the connection cost was prohibitive for most people she knew.

Hearing about Vanpeux Solarity from her daughter, Isabella saved the profits from her potato farm and invested in the training. Now she sells large solar systems and a few smaller ones that can also charge mobile phones.

Solar lights enable students to study for longer into the evening, relieve families of the damaging health effects of kerosene and enable people to start new businesses or improve old ones since they have more usable hours in the day.

“The conscious creation of trust networks and entrepreneurial solutions to poverty add value to this social enterprise through empowering women to create new economic and social opportunities.”



Women are among the key beneficiaries, since evidence shows they disproportionately bear the burden of energy poverty. Distributing renewable energy solutions in this way bolsters the position of women in the local community, both economically and socially.



Why are businesses in Nigeria going solar?

Why Business are going on solar panel


Why are businesses in Nigeria going solar? As businesses and startups grow and evolve, they look for new ways to save money and have a better budget management system. Going solar is one of those solutions that can help your company save money on electricity bills.

After all, investing in solar energy in the third millennium is not only a beneficial choice for your business but also a necessity for the earth and for having a greener world.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for the traditional energy sources, you can make use of the energy of the sun sent to us naturally. And that’s exactly how the solar technology works: solar photovoltaic (PV) devices use the direct sunlight converting it into electricity.

Installing such technology in your company will essentially reduce your business’ monthly energy bills. Initially, there should be some investment on your side for the overall process of setting the technology up but it’s worth the money and it’s becoming more and more affordable every year.

And above all, solar energy is a good way to show the world that you care. It will make you competitive among other businesses and earn you a good reputation. This will result in customers choosing your company over those that use traditional energy sources.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Small Businesses

There are a number of good reasons for choosing to go solar but sometimes business owners don’t realize this and stick to the common means of energy. This happens because of the lack of information as many entrepreneurs think that solar energy is expensive or believes a number of other myths about solar power. Nowadays, especially during the past 2 years the costs for solar systems have greatly decreased and can be affordable for small businesses, even for startups.

To help you make up your mind and understand if it is beneficial for your business to go solar, we have made a list of the advantages of solar power for your business:

Reduced Energy Costs:
Electricity bills are a nightmare for business owners and the worst part is that they keep rising. Businesses make use of a number of different devices and equipment that consume a lot of electricity making business owners pay thousands of dollars. This issue can be solved by means of solar power. Going solar will substantially reduce your energy costs helping you improve the budget of your company.

Decrease in Carbon Footprint: Deciding to go solar will not only be a good investment for your business but also for the environment. Giving up on the traditional energy sources you will have your part in the decrease of the overall carbon footprint of the world. Solar energy is a clean and green source of energy that contains absolutely nothing that could be harmful to the nature – no greenhouse gases, no chemicals released into the air. Spread a word  (via social media, news, etc.) that your company is using solar panels and has its own little contribution in the better future of the world and the nature.

Fewer Power Outages: Unexpected power outages are quite characteristic of traditional energy sources and might get business owners into serious problems (e.g., losing important calls with clients, missing out on task deadlines, etc.) resulting in financial damage. However, this is not the case with solar power. The probability that you will have to face a power outage with a solar panel is almost null. These systems will highly improve the level of your grid security.

Low-Maintenance: Solar systems require almost no maintenance. All you need to do is annual cleaning so as to keep the panels in a good shape and make sure they last long (the average lifespan of solar panels is 25-40 years).

More Customers: Customers also tend to choose the services of those companies which have their contribution to the sustainability of the world. Why not generate higher revenues by means of solar power and have more customers choose your company over others?

Support of the Local Economy: The demand for solar power contributes to the opening of jobs in solar companies supporting the local economy.

Increased Property Value: With a solar panel the value of your property will increase highly and you will be able to get a really beneficial deal when selling it.

Don’t Think Twice! Go Solar Now!

All of the above-mentioned reasons are enough to ensure you in the benefits of solar energy for your small business. They will help you make the right decision.

It is understandable that you can’t switch your business to solar energy in one day. It is a serious process that takes time to be implemented. But all these efforts invested in the overall procedure of going solar are surely worthy because they will be returned to you after a short period of time.

If we also add to this the fact that you might be able to find a funding option for the installation of a solar panel in your company – there remains no reason why you wouldn’t decide to go green.

To sum up, just remember how important it is to have a better and cleaner environment. Your every little “green” contribution can be a huge change to the earth in this industrial and technological era. Make your business more competitive and step up into the next stage of growth by investing in solar energy.

In the end, don’t waste your money on something that pollutes the air you breathe – it’s simple as that! Consider all the needs and requirements of your company and take the right steps to have your business go solar




Find the best deal on solar for your business

What system size do I need?

Find the best deal on solar for your business may be limited by roof space available, some may have just enough while others may have an abundance of space with only a relatively small power bill. Whichever category you fall under sizing is important.

VanpeuxSoalrity specialises in impartially advising businesses through the procurement process ensuring the outcome meets the business goals and is a high quality solution meeting industry standard for warranties and performance guarantees.

Whether the focus of the project is offsetting energy usage and reducing energy bills or investing in large scale solar farms, our team works with clients to develop commercial solar power systems that reflect their energy usage and budget.

VanpeuxSolarity  utilises our unique position within the hub of the Nigeria solar energy industry to broker the leading technology and value in solar procurement from a network of over 100 of Nigeria’s most competitive solar power installations companies.

Request a free solar business case and compare leading commercial installers


We provide complimentary consultation and evaluation. When you call, our team will work with you to determine what is best for your business.


How to succeed at an internship

How to Succeed at an Internship is to plan ahead of time, assess your current level, and be willing to do whatever it takes to complete the task. Always try to understand your project, ask questions, arrive on time, and keep your work organized. What am I doing today to improve my performance? Once you’ve figured out your project, pick one activity at a time and make sure you finish it. We all have times when we are too stressed to work.


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Tips for cleaning solar panels

Watch this quick educational video on how to maintain your solar panel

Tips for cleaning Solar panels use sun light and not the heat to generate power. The lesser your panels’ exposure to sunlight, the lesser power your solar PV system will generate. This is why cleaning your solar panels regularly is crucial to maintaining system efficiency.

Other than the shade from trees or surrounding buildings, the following commonly obstruct solar panels from absorbing maximum sunlight:

  • Bird droppings and dust
  • Build-up due to pollutants in the air
  • Fallen leaves

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