Solarity – Affordable solar home system without subscription

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Solarity-Affordable solar and inverter without subcription

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Solarity Plus Limited

A Better Future Could Start From You Going Solar


“Solarity is a solar and inverter company that was hatched to cater to small businesses and includes high-quality products such as lanterns, pico solar systems, lights, fans, and TVs, as well as solar panels, solar generators, etc. This is consequent to lots of demand for affordable solar power as an alternative to the almost comatose NEPA. In our research, we discovered that only a very small significant number of Nigerians, not up to 1%, can afford solar energy, and the masses of Nigerians cannot afford the available solar power because of prices that are out of their reach. Solar energy has arrived to meet the needs of a critical mass.”

Take the initial step toward achieving energy independence.


Solarity is here to assist you in determining the best solution for your energy requirements. We can create the first ecosystem in your home or business to guarantee energy independence using our expertise in the field and vast product knowledge tend to range from solar panels to generators.





The real estate market is increasingly embracing solar energy, making it critical for real estate agents, appraisers, and homeowners to increase their solar knowledge and leverage the subsidy-boosting power of a solar system when selling or refinancing their homes.

Solar and Real Estate


With a Solarity solar system, we have a wide selection of batteries to meet your demands. Whether you want to live entirely off the grid or just want to be safe in case of a power loss, we have you covered.



We have access to the best portable or standby generators available.



Most inverters have a cooling fan, such as the Sunking solar fan, which can run for 8 to 12 hours. You should probably clean out the dust once a year or so at the very least. We also recommend checking the torque on the wiring connections.

Customers reviews

Never thought I could get a good and durable Solar products from anywhere after being faked so many times. I love those products ,it more than what I expected. Thumbs up Solarity!
Aniakor Uche Prince
For me this is the best solar home system company in Lagos Nigeria . i love you guys, thanks for the system , keep the good work going #solarity
Solarity product is one of the best products so far especially their Pro 400 i love it so much. It brightens my room like N.E.P.A. light. I will recommend this company to people who want to buy solar products.
Hennie Bolanle


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