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Since 2011, our clients have collectively prevented over

245,625,766 lb of CO2 emissions.


Rendered over 5,000 solar projects, marking milestones for every home with energy efficiency.

Join Solar energy, the smartest way to power your house!

If you are looking for ways to save energy and money and reduce electricity costs in the future, then join Solarity today..

Solarity is here to assist you in determining the best solution for your energy requirements. We can create the first ecosystem in your home or business to guarantee energy independence using our expertise in the field and vast product knowledge, which tends to range from solar light, inverters, and solar generators.


Why Choose Us

We require solar solutions to shape a brighter future

Solarity is a leading provider of solar energy solutions. We’re excited to work with you to bring clean, renewable energy to your customers.

The Solarity  Scheme offers a range of benefits for homeowners and our partners, including:

Access to Solarity’s industry-leading solar energy solutions

Competitive pricing and financing options

Provides quality homeowners solar power solutions

24 hours customer support

How does a hybrid solar system work?-
What Is A Hybrid Solar System Without Batteries?

Residential & Offices

Whether it is residential or office, we got you covered If you’re looking to purchase a solar light or solar hybrid system to power your home or office, determining the number of watts the solar light or solar hybrid system will need to run all your appliances can be a daunting task. But really, it’s just a matter of simple math. With just a few easy steps, you can figure out how many watts you need to run your home, and if you cannot figure it out yourself, contact us today for more information.

Home 8000 2P Solar Home System-Solarity

Commercial Market

The commercial market is increasingly embracing solar energy, making it critical for real estate agents, pharmacists, appraisers, traders, and homeowners to increase their solar power and leverage the subsidy-boosting power of a solar system whenever the need arises.


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Top ten testimonials from our customers

Kunlex Concepts

I would strongly recommend anyone interested in solar power to check out Solarity first. Installation went very smoothly and they were very attentive to our needs/schedule. This company was great start to finish. The installers did a great job, they were quick and neat..

Bolajoko Dixon-Ogbechi

Good day, the solarity products are great. I have been using the pure solar system for over 10 years and the hybrid system for 4 years and they have both been performing well. And on the few occasions when I had issues, their customer service was also very good 👍

damilare joshua

Nice product...... I am really enjoying it. The product and its usage is so good to be true. From point of purchase to installation to the usage has been so fantastic..... Though new to the product but I am loving it and will keep updating this review as time goes on..


wow! I've heard all about this Solar company from our mentor of GSPD INTL'S and people are saying nice thing about you, and they are enjoying your services. This is a good company to work with for sure I can't wait.

Prince Adewoyin

Sunking customers service is wonderful while their public relations is so great.I deciphered that in one Peter Ejemudo who, while I was in Abuja, quickly facilitated how my product moved from Lagos to Ondo state within the spate of only one day, and weekend for that matter. Have been using their solar fan and tv for about a year now and they fantastically work very well. Above all, I have been using their inverter and solar for about 4 years now and still counting.... Honestly, Sunking is a place to go!

Adetunji Afolabi

I have been using their inverter for more than 8 years and I have not had any issues with both their battery and inverter. However, I have a slight problem with the duration of their repairs. For instance, they took a way my inverter to repair it, but they are yet to return it probably because they provided a temporary one for my use pending the time they bring it back to me.

Alali Joyce

The products are good, they are affordable . It is user friendly which I love the most , it has really reduces the stress of Nepa issues in lagos state. I love the product so much and kudos to you guys!


With the emergence of Solar power in Nigeria, No company does it better than Solarity. You can be rest assured of amazing customer service, Installation and after sale service. Keep the google work going.

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