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From SOLARITY (Solar For The Community)
“Founded in 2011, SOLARITY  has changed the way energy is accessed, providing tenants, homeowners, businesses, schools and government entities, a more affordable and sustainable alternative to the inefficient and epileptic Power Grid.

The idea of Solarity was hatched to cater for small solar home systems such as lanterns, pico solar systemsand solar home systems that come with home appliances such as lights, fans and TVs. This is a consequence of lots of demand for affordable solar power as an alternative to the almost comatose NEPA.

In our research, we discovered that only a very small, significant number of Nigerians not up to 1%—can afford solar energy and the masses of Nigerians could not afford the available solar power because of prices that are out of their reach. Solarity, which we christened ‘solar for the community’, is a solar-based system that comes with different bundles comprising solar panels, back-up, lighting, fans, phone charging ports, TVs, pressing irons, etc and goes for different but very affordable prices devoid of any form of subscription.

In 2016, Solarity as a product was launched in house amidst lots of celebration. Solarity was consequently put on test to ascertain its strength and weakness, market readiness and the adaptability of solarity to the needs of the critical mass. This test ran from February 2016 to June 2017 and in July after several feedbacks solarity was launched into the open market.

We undertake customized solutions for both the very low income earners that stay in tents and the very high that live in mansions. We have systematically crept into the provision of solar solutions for mini- & micro grids and for the diesel reliant commercial and industrial”

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