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You Mean Free Electricity for my Business…How?

Get Solar Champion!

Introducing Solarity’s Solar Champion 3.1

An Energy Efficient and Environmental Friendly Solar System, Designed For Small Businesses  -As a Replacement To Noisy, Dirty and Expensive Petrol Generators.

Guaranteed to provide Uninterrupted Power that is Clean, Reliable and Cost-Effective Power…

Champion 3.4

  • 3Kva German Inverter
  • German MPPT Charge Controller
  • 2 Strong Lead Carbon Battery With Shelf Life 7years.
  • 800w High Efficient Mono PV Cells With PERC technology

Our Findings

Power remans a huge cost for small businesses…up to 50% of total operational cost.


This has greatly resulted in the failure or poor performance of many Small Businesses.


The use of petrol generators is not only expensive but also not sustainble…Hence the necessity to GO SOLAR with our Solar Champion 3.4

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What You Get Elsewhere

  • Regular 1.5Kva (1.2kw) inverter – Life span : 1-3 years
  • Regular 600w solar panels – Life span : 5-10 years
  • Regular charge controller
  • 2 Regular batteries – Life span : 1-2 years
  • Cost saving 10-15%

At the Rate Of N870,000

What You Get From Us

  • 3.0Kva (3kw) German Hybrid Inverter
  • 2 Strong Lead Carbon Batteries – Life span: 7 years years
  • Efficient Mono 800w Solar panels High  with PERC Technology- Life span: 25 years and above.
  • German MPPT Charge Controller (with 30% more efficiency)
  • Cost saving 60%

All of These For A Whopping Discount  of just

N600,000 !!!

Valid only for the next 10 days!

You also get for FREE the following gifts worth N70,000

  • FREE Solar Fan
  • FREE Sunking Solar mobile phone Charging lantern
  • FREE  10 Energy Efficient 9W Solarity LED Bulbs

Offer is also Valid For the First 30 Customers only

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Few Of Our Customer Feedback

Mr Mike

The new solarity solar champion is just amazing. With solar champion, I found an easy to use and effective system to increase my work hour and productivity.

Mr Fred –  Buiness owner

An easy to use solar hybride system….. It works better than my other inverter system.

Mrs. Hanatu

We where able to recover our loses and make good profit…We couldn’t be happier, thanks to solarity for proofing trust worthy.

Olasunde Adeyemi – Business owner

Solarity champion has proven it’s quailty and capacity. It was introduced by a fellow and been a worthy investment.

Mr Friday

Solarity as a company are very professional.  They offer more than expected . I will be happy to recommende them.

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