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What are the Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy in Lagos?


Geothermal energy has a number of drawbacks that may have an impact on the environment. We shall go into more detail about geothermal energy in this article.

Location Prohibited
The fact that geothermal energy is location-specific is its biggest drawback. Because geothermal plants must be constructed where the energy is available, some regions cannot utilize this resource. Of course, this is not an issue if you reside somewhere that has easy access to geothermal energy, like.

Environmental Consequences

Even though greenhouse gas emissions are not generally released by geothermal energy, many of them are stored beneath the Earth’s surface and are emitted into the environment when drilling takes place. Even though these gases are also naturally emitted into the environment, the rate rises in the vicinity of geothermal facilities. These gases in the atmosphere are still far less than those brought on by carbon energy, though.


Additionally, there is a chance that geothermal energy will cause earthquakes. This occurs because digging has changed the nature of the planet’s structure. This issue is increasingly common with advanced geothermal power facilities that inject water into the Earth’s crust to widen cracks and enable increased resource extraction. The effects among these earthquakes are, nonetheless, generally limited because the majority of geothermal units are located far from populated areas.

High Prices
Geothermal energy is a costly resource to use; the cost of a plant with a 1 megawatt capacity ranges from $2 to $7 million. However, where the initial investment is substantial, it can be recovered over time by other investments.

Fluid needs to be injected back through into underground sources quicker than it is used up in order to keep geothermal energy sustainable. This signifies that in order to ensure its sustainability, geothermal energy must be regulated effectively.


In order to account for the benefits while minimizing against any potential drawbacks, industry must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of geothermal energy. Learn more about All You To Know About Renewable in Lagos 

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