Where can I get an inverter battery online in Lagos?


Are you looking for a place in Lagos where you can get an inverter battery online or offline? We at Solarity Plus Limited offer an extremely reliable and cost-effective inverter battery on the market. We are the only distributors of charge controllers, hybrid inverters, solar generators, and inverter batteries. In order to create solar energy.


The idea of Solarity was hatched to cater for small solar home systems such as lanterns, pico solar system and solar home systems that come with home appliances such as lights, fans and TV. This is consequent of lots of demand for affordable solar power as an alternative to the almost comatose NEPA.

In our research, we discovered that only a very small significant number of Nigerians not up to 1% can afford solar energy and the masses of Nigerians could not afford the available solar power because of prices that are out of their reach.

Solarity, which we christened ‘solar for the community’ is a Solar based system that comes with different bundles comprising solar panels, back-up, lightings, fans, phone charging ports, TVs, pressing iron etc and goes for different but very affordable prices devoid of any form of subscription.

In 2016, Solarity as a product was launched in house amidst lots of celebration. Solarity was consequently put on test to ascertain its strength and weakness, market readiness and the adaptability of solarity to the needs of the critical mass. This test ran from February 2016 to June 2017 and in July after several feedbacks solarity was launched into the open market. 

Competitive advantage of SOLARITY

The major advantages of Solarity over its competitors are:

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The Importance of Solar generator & Portable Power 

There are a few things to think about before buying the product you desire when thinking about buying a solar generator for your home. This includes the following: product quality, features, durability, wattage, and warranties. With the aid of these, you can assist in making the best choice. Additionally, the product’s portability and minimal weight should be noted.

They produce energy using clean sources. You may always utilize a solar generator to reduce your energy usage at home or at work. The cost of recharging can be absolutely free because the energy is generated by the sun rather than traditional expensive gasoline. Install solar panels and take advantage of the free electricity.

What is a solar generator’s benefit?

Low operating costs and no emissions

Additionally, since there are no moving parts, there is no chance that they may break and require replacement. In contrast to fuel-powered generators, solar-powered generators don’t release harmful emissions into the atmosphere. They are the most secure alternative to use to power your home.

Source of Renewable Energy. Among all the advantages of solar panels, the fact that solar energy is a fully renewable energy source is the most significant.
reduces electricity costs, has a variety of applications, is low maintenance, and advances technology.

Low operating costs and no emissions. When there are power outages, you can simply power your home with a solar generator and the appliances and equipment you already have at home because a solar generator has a cheaper running cost than a fuel-powered generator, which is expensive to run on a daily basis.

Have you ever taken a challenging choice that ultimately made you happy because it furthered an important cause. Check out the resources listed below and Get Quotes or join the conversation using the hashtag #Solarpanel,#solarlight, #inverter.

Solar and Real Estate

The real estate market is increasingly embracing solar energy, making it critical for real estate agents, appraisers, and homeowners to increase their solar knowledge and leverage the subsidy-boosting power of a solar system when selling or refinancing their homes.

Solar energy has been demonstrated to raise property valuations and reduce a home’s time on the market.

Solar and real estate

Additionally, new financing options provide homeowners interested in solar energy access to financing plans that can reduce the cost of capital and open up new solar energy options.

Solarity has subsidized their products, projects, tools, and resources to make it easier to buy a solar system for your home, as well as buy or sell a solar home.

If you believe that solar is not an option for you because you rent or do not have adequate sunlight at your location, have insufficient solar resources, or lack financing, you may still benefit from subsidies that allow you to pay installments over a set period of time. Learn more about Why solar energy good for the environment

This solar and real estate spotlight aims to highlight our extended efforts in this field and connect these resources with professionals and homeowners who can benefit from this information.

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