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Boost for TV Access Among Nigeria’s Underserved with Sunking


Boost for TV Access Among Nigerias Underserved with Sunking

LAGOS, Nigeria –SolarityPlus, an organization that designs, distributes, and finances solar home energy systems, partners with Greenlight Planet to distribute the recently released the latest addition its Sun King Home 400 series, this time with a 24-inch solar powered television. This product introduction represents the company’s most recent step toward providing Nigeria’s off-grid population with quality access to lighting, entertainment, and information. The 24-inch TV comes as part of the Sun King Home 400 plug-and-play solar home system, along with two tube lights, two hanging lights, a motion-sensor security light, and an optional torch and radio.

Solar Sunking Home 400

Peter Ejimudo – Chief Operating Officer and co founder of SolarityPlus , says, “Televisions have become a crucial part of the home and social life even in rural areas of Nigeria. The Sun King televisions will open up a world of experiences for customers. They will provide families with increased access to information from all over the world, ensuring that they are updated with current affairs, news, and educational content.” The first iteration of the Sun King Home 400 featured a 19-inch television, and it has already enabled 60,000 new television viewers in Africa. “With the larger 24-inch TV, we are confident we will further boost access to entertainment in Nigeria

The Sun King solar powered televisions are built with the durability, longevity and performance needs of the modern rural consumer in mind. An energy conservation feature ensures that the system’s stored energy is efficiently utilized by features our consumers value most: light, television runtime and mobile phone charging. The efficient lithium battery also ensures a long lifespan: customers can expect at least seven years of maintenance-free usage. The television can channel content from a variety of sources, including a port for USB memory sticks as well as HDMI input. Competitively priced and built to function in rural and urban environments alike, the brilliant Sun King Home 400 series with solar powered televisions are set to extend television access to Nigeria’s under-electrified households.

Through the Sun King EasyBuy pay-as-you-go technology, customers also have the option to purchase their Sun King Home 400 through flexible installment plans, enabling the majority of Nigerian households to affordably bring this robust solar powered system home.

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