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Renewable Energy Increase Productivity Of People

When the sun goes down in Nigeria, About 80 million Nigerians living in 8000 villages across the country lack access to electricity. 75% being children

“Millions more suffer from poor service.

Nigeria has a bright future ahead of it. Productivity and growth will improve as Nigeria economies continue to place more emphasis on services and manufacturing, pursue commodity production, and achieve quick gains in agriculture and light industry.
Urban areas will have to reduce environmental stresses by promoting low-carbon energy systems, electric mass transportation, and energy-efficiency initiatives, as well as the use of cleaner cooking fuels. And rural areas can create new opportunities that reduce the need for urban migration, by expanding renewable energy systems and energy access.
But even with these measures, providing enough energy for a modern, inclusive economy will not be easy. Nigeria already experiences frequent power outages, even though more than 70 million people do not have access to electricity, and current demand is relatively modest.
To avoid the harmful spillover effects of high-carbon economic growth, Nigeria will have to undergo a “climate smart” energy revolution. We will need to build climate-resilient infrastructure and tap into the continent’s abundant renewable-energy resources. Doing so will broaden access to energy, create green job
s, reduce environmental pollution, and enhance energy security by diversifying sources.

Rather than treating new climate-related risks as hurdles to overcome, we should view them as opportunities for investment and innovation. We are standing on the threshold of an exciting new era in which technological progress allows us to use a range of conventional and unconventional energy options (excluding nuclear energy).
At the same time, renewable-energy sources are becoming less expensive, making them increasingly competitive with fossil-fuel alternatives.

Vanpeux Global Synergy Limited is on a mission to make distributed renewable energy accessible for all. We know that clean, affordable, reliable solar energy improves education, health, employment and environmental outcomes.

We are a for profit social enterprise because we recognize that responsible business is the best model to maximise the scale and impact of energy access.

Nigeria has a chance to bring hundreds of millions of people without electricity into the modern economy; and we have an opportunity to pioneer the next investment frontier. Getting Nigeria’s energy transformation right, by pursuing a mix of policies and investments that boost diversity and strengthen resilience, will ensure a brighter future for us all.

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