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Health Risks Associated with Generator Noise

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Health Risks Associated with Generator Noise Use and electrical power are very important commodities for the development of any nation. With electrical energy the people are empowered to work from the domestic level, through the small-scale and medium-scale industries to employment in the large-scale manufacturing complexes.


Most cities connected to the national electrical power grid have been deprived of electricity for over a decade now due to current power production of about 3000MW of electricity. According to the Nigerian Energy Policy report from 2003, it is estimated that the population connected to the grid system is short of power supply over 60% of the time.


In addition, less than 40% of the population is even connected to the grid.2 On a fundamental level, there is simply not enough electricity generated to support the entire population.

Alternative source of energy such as electric generators are on the increase among the citizenry


due to the high demand for power supply. Many people and companies now supplement the electricity provided by the national grid system with their own generators. In fact, as long as you can afford a generator you should have one. Commercial business owners are not left out, according to one approximation, well over 90% businesses utilize generators for day to day operations.


This in-turn have impact on our environment  and as well as to raise a prices of domestic goods, and companies which import generators have created extremely lucrative industry.

Electric generators while in operation produce gaseous emissions and high sound levels. These pose serious health risk to not only users but to individuals in the surrounding communities. A recent study conducted in Ibadan revealed high generator noise level of between 91.2 and 100.5 dB(A).


This noise level is capable of inducing hearing impairment.


Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) can be caused by one time exposure to noise as well as repeated exposure to noise at various levels of loudness over an extended period.6 NIHL is hardly a matter of public health concern in many developing countries such as Nigeria.


There are few or poorly enforced noise – pollution control laws in many parts of the country. In the rapidly industrializing parts of the country, the occupational groups exposed to noise pollution are hardly aware of the health risks of the noise levels at their places of work. There are certainly no protective measures in use in these industries to reduce the impact of noise on the health of the workers. Another study on gaseous emissions revealed that carbon monoxide concentration from generators studied ranged between 10.7 and 39.0ppm which was above the National Guideline Limit of 9ppm.

Health effects from generator use can range from auditory (hearing) to non-auditory. Noise and carbon monoxide pose serious health risk and due to the insidious nature of noise on hearing, many individuals may not discover they have hearing difficulty until it has become worse. In addition, due to the strive to achieve financial sustenance, many often neglect their health and work at relatively short distances from generators, and at long hours.5 A lack of knowledge is identified as one of the barriers to change.8 Knowledge about occupational hazards (such as noise from electric generator) is suggested to be a predictor of preventive behavior at work.9 Effective behavioral change is facilitated by greater knowledge, experience, and personal risk perception.10
Why you should dump generators and go solar which is health freely

There are a number of good reasons for choosing to go solar but sometimes business owners don’t realize this and stick to the common means of energy. This happens because of the lack of information as many entrepreneurs think that solar energy is expensive or believes a number of other myths about solar power. Nowadays, especially during the past 2 years the costs for solar systems have greatly decreased and can be affordable for small businesses, even for startups.

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