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Find the best deal on solar for your business

What system size do I need?

Find the best deal on solar for your business may be limited by roof space available, some may have just enough while others may have an abundance of space with only a relatively small power bill. Whichever category you fall under sizing is important.

VanpeuxSoalrity specialises in impartially advising businesses through the procurement process ensuring the outcome meets the business goals and is a high quality solution meeting industry standard for warranties and performance guarantees.

Whether the focus of the project is offsetting energy usage and reducing energy bills or investing in large scale solar farms, our team works with clients to develop commercial solar power systems that reflect their energy usage and budget.

VanpeuxSolarity  utilises our unique position within the hub of the Nigeria solar energy industry to broker the leading technology and value in solar procurement from a network of over 100 of Nigeria’s most competitive solar power installations companies.

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We provide complimentary consultation and evaluation. When you call, our team will work with you to determine what is best for your business.


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