Solar fans run on solar energy instead of electricity. Similarly to how solar lights works, a small solar fan is powered by a solar panel that is either mounted on the device or wired to a separate installation. Solar powered fans for homes do not usually require secondary power sources as long there is enough sunlight.



On electricity, the hotter your fan gets, the harder your HVAC system works. On the other hand, a solar fan uses harsh weather to its advantage. Solar power fans can also help ease the burden on your air conditioning unit.

  With a solar panel fan, you don’t need to purchase batteries or consume electricity. Its primary source of power is the sun and its completely free of charge. Although the initial cost of buying a small solar powered fan may be more expensive than a regular fan, it could turn out to be cheaper in the long run because of the potential to cut air conditioning costs by up to 30 percent. Learn more about the solar fan prices

Traditional electric fans tap into the city power grid which is dependent on fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas. Solar fans, however, utilise 100% clean energy from the sun. When you install solar panels on your roof or use solar powered appliances to cool down your home, you are helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and long-term dependence on fossil fuel.  Its also costs nothing to operate once it’s installed since its solar. Learn more about Solar Light for Home In Lagos

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