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 Facts on Solar energy is the energy we get from the sun (solar). The sun has been producing energy for billions of years. It is a completely free, renewable source and now it can be harnessed. technologies use the energy of the sun to light homes, heat water and generate electricity.


  • Common domestic use of solar energy is from solar panels which absorb solar power to use for cooking and heating water.
  • Solar is one of the most widely used renewable source of energy. One can use renewable energy technologies to convert solar into electricity.
  • Solar power can significantly reduce the electricity bills, save home owners money at the same.
  • solar is noise pollution free. It has no moving parts, and does not require any additional oil sources, other than sunlight, to produce light.
  • Solar energy is used on a wide scale, it only provides a small fraction of the world’s energy supply.
  • Solar is a completely free source of energy and it is found in abundance.
  • Solar has also another use. By means of photosynthesis, solar energy is converted by green plants into chemical energy which creates the bio mass that makes up the fossil fuels.
  • Solar powered hot water systems utilize solar energy to heat water. In certain areas, 60 to 70% of water used domestically for temperatures as high as 60 degree Celsius can be made available by solar heating.
  • Since there are no running parts in the solar panels, there is very little wear and tear. This is why the maintenance requirements for the solar systems are very low.

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